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Mliswa ejected from Parliament, faces probe for abusing MPs

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  • Ziyambi had stood up to respond to a question from a backbencher when Mliswa interjected: "Uyu akatanga aenda kun’angaka uyu achinobvunza-bvunza (Ziyambi went to consult a traditional healer)".

By Nompumelelo Sibanda

NORTON legislator Temba Mliswa (INDEPENDENT) was yesterday ejected from the House of Assembly and escorted out by the Serjeant-at-Arms following a hair-raising scuffle with Justice Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi in which Mliswa accused the Minister of using juju to climb the political ladder.

Mliswa, who claimed he had evidence in his phone of Ziyambi consulting traditional healers and fake prophets, went as far as accusing Ziyambi of using the “same spell on Deputy Speaker of Parliament. Ndizvo zvaanoita, mishonga yake yaanoita and ndakuexpoza,” said Mliswa.

Ziyambi had stood up to respond to a question from a backbencher when Mliswa interjected: “Uyu akatanga aenda kun’angaka uyu achinobvunza-bvunza (Ziyambi went to consult a traditional healer)”.

“He went to a witch-doctor this one, the Minister of Justice. He must be restrained from going to the witch-doctors where he went to.

“I have evidence and I can show you the evidence of the person he went to and it is in my phone,” said Mliswa.

Repeated efforts to force him to withdraw failed as he insisted on showing the Deputy Speaker the “evidence” of Ziyambi consulting a magician.

The Deputy Speaker insisted Mliswa was out of order and the Parliament was not the platform for him to raise his issues. Ziyambi also demanded a withdrawal from Mliswa and asked the Deputy Speaker to eject the independent lawmaker if the withdrawal was not forthcoming.

Mliswa insisted he wanted to show some content in his phone to the Deputy Speaker and would would not withdraw.

“Iwewe regera nyaya yokuenda kun’anga uchitsvaka mafavours. You have been doing this for a very long time. You cannot send me outside when he was there. He cannot do that. He went to a witch-doctor and I have evidence,” he said.

Mliswa was subsequently escorted out of Parliament building, kicking and screaming. As he left, Ziyambi asked Parliament to stop being lenient with Mliswa who he said had abused him and other lawmakers and Cabinet Ministers multiple times without facing any consequences.

“Madam Speaker I think this is unbecoming behavior in the House and I propose that action must be taken. It is not the first time. On several occasions he causes commotion in the House, he does not respect anyone and I believe that he is abusing his presence in the House, particularly on Wednesdays to abuse the House,” said Ziyambi.

“I think it is high time that the Hon. Member is investigated by Parliament. He has been abusing Ministers, fellow MPs and everyone else and I do not know why we have been lenient with him. He does not respect the rules of this House and he does whatever he wants and abuses everyone.

“I believe that as Parliament, we must investigate his behavior. He has been doing this for a very long time and these incidences are well documented. I plead with you Madam Speaker that an investigation be done on his conduct in this august House. He is a shame to this House.”

Deputy Speaker Tsitsi Gezi after ejecting Mliswa said she will make a ruling on whether his conduct did not constitute contempt of Parliament. – Zimbabwe Voice

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