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George Charamba warns gun-toting criminals

By Nompumelelo Sibanda

PRESIDENTIAL spokesperson George Charamba has warned criminals using guns to rob, steal and terrorise citizens that the endgame is imminent as police are out in full force to end the menace.

There has been a spike in cases of armed robberies across the country, targeting motorists, car dealers, cash-in-transit vehicle operators, supermarkets and even private citizens in their homes.

Yesterday, Charamba tweeted a laden message warning the criminals, who mostly would be armed to teeth with guns and an assortment of other weapons. Some of the weapons are believed to be smuggled.

Charamba said the end was nigh for criminal nuisance as they will be ruthlessly dealt with.

The ZRP has repeatedly warned members of the public against keeping large sums of cash at home or business premises.

On Sunday, a Chitungwiza woman (47) lost US$6800 cash and US$760 worth of property to robbers after five unknown suspects wearing balaclavas attacked two victims who were sleeping in separate bedrooms.

Investigations are underway, police say.

Police also warned citizens against trusting people who they do not know as they risk being robbed or even injured. This follows a robbery case which occurred last week in Mapolovele Village, Beitbridge.

Police say a woman (33) was robbed of US$10 000 cash after she offered overnight accommodation to two men who masqueraded as bona fide buyers of a motor vehicle which the victim and her husband had advertised on several Whatsapp groups.

The suspects are still at large. – Zimbabwe Voice

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