‘Ndinyengeiwo’ lady Lorraine Guyo lands role in Netflix film

HARARE socialite Lorraine Guyo has landed a role in an upcoming Netflix production, ‘The Bad Bishop’.

The comedienne who became a household name after her 2019 skit dubbed ‘Ndinyengeiwo”, will star as Candy in a South African production ‘The Bad Bishop’ and is ecstatic about the development.

“I was identified by Becky Casting Agency of South Africa. I’m so excited that I have been recognized after having participated in a lot of auditions. I never saw this coming considering how I started, from Ndinyengeiwo to Netflix. This is something big,” Guyo said.

Guyo, who marvels at the talent that the country is endowed with, says with enough support and resources, the local film industry will scale astronomical heights.

“Zimbabwe has got amazing talent. However, we do not receive the support that we need. With support and resources, we can have a competitive film industry.”

The vivacious actress also has a message for aspiring artists.

She said, “When I started doing skits I received a lot of criticism. I however remained focused and determined and now I’m reaping the fruits of my determination.”

Guyo is set to leave for South Africa in September. ■

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