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17-year-old father poisons son after dispute with wife

A Mutare based teenage father has made shocking revelations in court after admitting that he poisoned his two-month-old son following a domestic dispute with his ex-wife.

Although 19-year-old Brenton Guri from Mayo initially pleaded not guilty to murder, he later admitted to having poisoned his son after the State, led by Prosecutor Malvern Musarurwa gave evidence.

Guri told the court that he had no intention of killing the baby, but admitted to administering diazinon pesticide poison into the baby’s mouth using a syringe.

The baby succumbed to the poison, with post-mortem results confirming the cause of death.

Guri went on to reveal that he wanted to commit suicide as he felt hopeless after endless squabbles with his ex-wife whom he thought wanted to divorce him.

The accused, who is facing murder charges, was 17 when he committed the offence. – Manica Post ●

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