The purpose of records in an organisation

By Etiwel Mutero

In 2017 I found myself at the campus of Kwekwe Polytechnic trying to enroll for a course. I then found myself enrolled for a certificate in Records and Information Management but I was not sure what it was all about. At first I thought records management was part of a secretarial course or a study of some strange subjects altogether.

According to Griffin A and Ropper M (1999:9) records management is that area of general administrative management concerned with achieving economy and efficiency in the creation , maintenance , use and disposal of records of an organization throughout their entire life circle and in making the information they contain available in support of the business of that organisation.

A normal business have it’s core functions. As it discharges it’s functions in its different departments, it embarks on what is called business transactions. These business transactions are recorded in form of receipts, contracts, files, notes , financial statements, agreements , etcetera . It is these documents which are referred to as records.

A record according to Griffin A and Ropper M (1999:10) is a document regardless of form or medium created , received , maintained and used by the organization (public or private) or an individual in pursuance of legal obligation or in the transaction of business , of which it forms a part or provide evidence.

No organisation can function without records. It is therefore obvious that records are a very important asset of any organisation or individuals.

Records provide evidence, provide a corporate memory , helps formulate policy, helps in making appropriate decisions, helps organizations achieve greater efficiency , productivity and consistency, helps organizations meet statutory obligations and regulatory requirements, protect the organization’s interests and those of its staff and clients, reduce the risks associated with missing evidence of decisions and actions and they document activities and achievements.

It is therefore, the aim of records management to supply the right record to the right person, at the right time and at the least possible cost. In Zimbabwe colleges and universities have continued to produce highly qualified records personnel who have been employed in both public and private organisations as records/registry clerks, records assistants, records/registry supervisors, Records Managers, Archivists etcetera. The records management profession is an honourable profession indeed.

In order to equip para-professionals and to refresh professionals in the industry, the RAIMSOSA CONSULTANCY & MARKETING CC is hosting a refresher course titled Organising and Controlling Current Records Workshop at the Gweru Baptist Convention from the 18th to the 22nd of July 2021.

The workshop will cover the following topics,effective management of records offices and registries, infrastructure for records, records controls,managing files, managing mails, document handling and maintenance and use of files.

The workshop fees are pegged at Zimdollar 25 000 only.The money must be deposited or transferred to Steward Bank Account number 1005710444 or pay by ecocash to +263773614293 before the 10th of July 2021

The workshop will be hosted and facilitated by Etiwel Mutero and friends. Etiwel Mutero has trained records personnel from both public and private sector in Zimbabwe and Namibia since 2011.

All our workshops are 100% satisfactory. Call or Whatsapp +263773614293 to reserve your seat today. Covid protocols will be observed throughout the workshop.

  • Etiwel Mutero is an Archivist and Facilitator for Raimsosa Consultancy and Marketing CC +263773614293

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