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Woman offers a house for the safe return of her beloved dog

LOSING a beloved pet can be devastating, leaving you promising the world for their safe return. Like this owner in China who promised a house as a reward for returning the family dog.

According to Chinese state media outlet Global Times, a wanted post has been circulating online claiming the Corgi went missing last week in Beijing’s Fengtai district.

The dog’s owner is distressed, explaining that her whole family “has a deep affection with the dog”, and she is willing to transfer over a house in Beijing as a reward.

“I would like to give a house in Xishanjia, Fengtai district, to whoever sends back the dog in return. This is a firm promise,” the woman, who was only identified by her surname, Xu, said.

While hundreds have already enlisted to help look for the dog, a residential property official apparently told the publication that the advertised property was not a general commercial property, and certain restrictions may make it difficult to transfer ownership.

The woman is not the only desperate dog owner making headlines.

Stuff New Zealand recently reported that an Auckland woman consulted a psychic medium in the hopes of getting her pooch back.

The little white maltese and lhasa apso cross had apparently run away after being frightened by thunder.

“I’m just in pieces,” owner Mary Trautvetter​ said, adding that she and her dog Rocky had “never been apart”.

Another man in the UK had onlookers confused when he lost his dog, named River, during a walk near a river. 

According to the Mirror UK, when the dog ran off, the man stood on a rock shouting his dog’s name in several different tones — and to stares from those around him wondering what he could possibly be doing shouting at the river. – Reuters

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