The most overlooked but hardworking woman in Zimbabwe


Since the departure of comrade Matemadanda having been elevated to a diplomatic position the Commissariat has been left in the hands of the Iron Lady. Omega Sipani Hungwe the woman with the royal blood from the Bahera kingdom. It is not a secret that what gives Omega power and wisdom to run a department which is targeted and has been dominated by men is that fifty percent blood of the Vahera clan. So Omega is a Princess in the Prince’s robs.

Many politicians have tried to vilify her and demonise her so that they will land a stake in the Commisariat department. Mai Hungwe’s office is like a cursed office whoever takes it up will be kicked out or die.

As politicians jostle and fight for the position left by Matemadanda not even one person is giving Mai Hungwe a chance. People are looking or a man to take up the post. Even other women in the party are actually spreading gossip against Comrade Omega Hungwe. The way people are not giving Mai Hungwe a chance to show her skills in a high office is tantamount to emotional violence against women.
Violence against women in politics remains pervasive across the world, despite significant efforts being made to recognize, eliminate, and prevent it in all its forms. Eliminating violence against women is pivotal to achieving gender equality, women’s empowerment, and the Sustainable Development Goals. Elimination can only be done through prevention. Successful prevention requires: political commitment and leadership,
implementing laws and policies that promote gender equality,
investing in women’s organizations, allocating resources to prevention, and
addressing the multiple forms of discrimination women face daily.

We are heading towards our second elections in the New Dispensation this is historical because it is the second one in the new dispensation. It is a special election because it comes after our victory as a party and indeed after our legacy was restored and protected. Our hero comrade Mugabe saw his exit because of a woman, but our victory in 2018 cannot be complete without mention of the heroine who as well made it possible. The heroine who is so humble dedicated and ever so sweet. She worked and defied all odds. Walking with a limp and having painful legs she stood up and was counted among heroes. Omega Sipani Humngwe a quiet but vicious performer. She is not an attention seeker but you cannot put her down. She is committed to her party and she rose above the odds and against the odds. Politicians and celebrities steal the headlines, whereas there are many others out there who have impacted on humanity in their own modest ways. Senator Hungwe squarely fits in the less mentioned but immensely relevant.

Omega Hungwe is a Zimbabwean politician and a member of the ZANU-PF Party .Hungwe is also the party’s Deputy National Commissar and Member of Parliament for Dzivarasekwa. Omega Hungwe was Censured on allegations of colluding with Emerson Mnangagwa against Robert Mugabe this led to her brief expulsion In November of 2017 where Hungwe was among the many ZANU-PF members censured on allegations of working with Emmerson Mnangagwa who had been fired from the Party and Government by the then President Robert Mugabe.She was was also put on the list by Harare province, of those earmarked for dismissal from the Party. Many heroes were labelled and targeted for their support of President Mnangagwa. This included among other silent heroes Win Mlambo from Manicaland Chipinge together with Comrade Ophar Kashiri Muchinguri the Mutsvangwa’s and Cde Robson Nyathi and July Moyo from Midlands. The list was vey long and in that stormy cyclone Grace Hungwe remained upright with not even a flinch.
Comrade Omega Hungwe survived four National Political Commissars where she remained without complaint and worked tirelessly as a deputy. She never showed signs of anger.

Comrade Omega Hungwe has post secondary certificates in Agriculture and a Dioloma in Politics. Born on the July 1957 in Chivhu Omega served as MP for Dzivarasekwa during the period 2015 – 2018.

Also served on the Portfolio Committees on Mines and Energy and Local government.
Mai Hungwe started politics in 1976, sourcing food and clothes during the war for the freedom fighters and operated as a war collaborator (Chimbwido) operated in Chivhu and then moved to Zvishavane and lastly to Gokwe.

After Independence, became councilor for ward 14 in Dzivarasekwa representing ZANU PF. Rose through the ranks of the party structures from cell, branch, and district, spent 21 years as Women’s League Political Commissar for Harare province. Central Committee member and currently Deputy National Political Commissar. She is full of experience as a Commissair and if the party is to be fair to women kind Omega Hungwe could grab the stick.

Her contributions as the Deputy National Commissariat as well as impacts she has made on the success of the party and lives of other cadres mark her out as the unsung heroin of the universe.

Senator Hungwe’s contributions goes beyond what she does for her immediate family but also for what she does for those who came in contact with her during day today running of our revolutionary party. The extent of bias against the women in the party today is shameful, and shows little sign of abating. While, as a ruling party it is possible to pass laws to criminalise the bias, law alone will not ask men to respect the opposite gender. Women need to support each other in the political wars. But surprisingly Mai Hungwe is being scandalised by other women.

One of favourite quotes states that ‘stronger people don’t put others down; they lift them up.’ According to biology, men have stronger builds than women. The strength of men has been stamped with a significant question mark.
The journey of a woman at any stage of her life can be either extremely beautiful or extremely disastrous, and a great deal of this depends on what kind of men are around her. By this I don’t mean that women are not strong. In fact, women are more courageous and strength-providing creatures than men could ever be. Our Politics has been a male dominated society for centuries.

This means men have most of the power. But as they say ‘with great power comes great responsibility’, so the question that has been stamped on the strength and power of men is:  are we taking the responsibility and doing enough to make women feel respected, ensuring that they have a fulfilling life? Omega Hungwe has worked day and night Yet she does not get the respect she so much deserve.

It must be noted that a society where its women do not feel secure and respected is not worth calling a society.Men have misused their dominance and power and responsibility they are now aiming their guns on Mai Hungwe’s head.
Gender equality is at the very heart of human rights and ZANU PF values.
There has been quiet some remarkable activities undertaken since Hon.Cde. Omega Sipani- Hungwe. Senator for Harare- Metropolitan Province took office of the Senate. The following is an enumeration of some activities that she has spearheaded both in the Dzivarasekwa and beyond as aNational figure in the ZANU PF POLITICAL COMMISSAIR DEPARTMENT.

We must not forget that the senator took a serious campaign trail for the party to win the 2018 elections accompanying the Vice President throughout the country. Mai Hungwe made a record by visiting a Chief in Chipinge in order for ZANU PF to win a constituency never won by the ruling party since 1980. She made a mark when the ruling party won the seat for the first time after her visit in Chipinge. By knowing the importance of having an educated society, she has paid school fees for the underprivileged both at University, Secondary and Primary level.

She has initiated some Scholarships again for the Underpreviledged in India, South Africa and other countries beyond. She has equiped Schools with an average of 4 classes with Chairs for 10 Schools in Dzivarasekwa including painting of those Schools and a Clinic. Mai Hungwe as she is known by her followers has provided food in Schools to support feeding programmes. Some of the maize meal and wheat was coming from her farm as a Community leader. She has facilited employment for the Youths and other under previledged school levers. During the Covid 19 Pandemic, she has sourced Face Masks and distributed to some schools specifically for the School Children and elderly people. She was very much seen promoting Agricultural activities in particular Pvumvudza where she was appointed Patron for Urban Farmers Association. She supported and monitored the programme to it’s end with some achieving a bumper harvest in 2020/21 Agricultural season. The Urban Farmers Association covered Urban centres where she spearheaded and influenced all City Councils to give opportunities to the communities to engage in Urban Agriculture. This was 90% successful and that has provided food on the table.
Yet many women continue to experience discrimination in the enjoyment of civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights.
Moreover, many women,face compounded forms of discrimination—due to factors such as their age, race, ethnicity, disability, or socio-economic status—in addition to gender-based discrimination.
Effectively ensuring full enjoyment of human rights by women, girls, men, boys and people of diverse gender identities requires, first, a comprehensive understanding of the social structures, social norms and stereotyping, and power relations that frame not only laws and politics but also the economy, social dynamics, family life and community life.
Senetor Hungwe had shown that
a productive life does not come by accident, but one has to deliberately work it out to make it happen. To really exercise the power of God, one has to start emphasising the great power of His that transcends beyond human understanding. Winning has been described as one that does not start around you but one that begins inside you. So, a winner is someone with that inner joy that nothing, whatsoever, can take away. Such is Omega the bulldozer.

A rigorous campaign process which demanded her presence in all most all rallies saw her addressing five to seven rallies a day which will be dotted all over the country. On the side lines of the rally she managed to solve problems which came up in the structures. No one would go to her office or meet her on the road and remain the same. Omega has worked with no personal pride but with the love dedication and focus.

Senetor Hungwe is an inspiration and guiding force for women and for many others she trained over the years. Those not familiar with her may not recognize her name and herself but we have all been touched or benefited in some way by her many contributions. She is an unsung hero of our party. She is a mentor to many, a colleague and mother Mwana we mu Hera.

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