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LEAKED chats: Pastor Shingi Munyeza’s lover pregnant with a child he doesn’t want

By Mutsa Makuvaza

LEAKED chats of conversations between troubled cleric Dr Shingi Munyeza have emerged showing that he and his secret lover are fighting tooth and nail as it emerged she is pregnant with his baby.

Munyeza, a former Chief Executive at a large tourism firm, dramatically exited social media a few months back when his secret relationship was outed by his own daughter who accused him of cheating on her mother. Munyeza in a moment of shame exited social media platforms and stepped down from his leadership of a local pentecostal church, before resurfacing last week.

But no sooner had he settled back into the grove had his skeletons begun tumbling out of the closet. The unnamed lover has sensationally leaked juicy chats of conversations in which Munyeza allegedly warns he want nothing to do with the baby because “we agreeed not to have a child”.

The chats also show that Munyeza had on previous occasions sent cash to the lady and arranged secret bookings for her at a hotel in Johannesburg, which was apprently used as a sex nest.

Shingi Munyeza’s girlfriend is pregnant and Pastor Shingi doesn’t want the baby. The girlfriend has also leaked chats and is further threatening to leak his nudes if he doesn’t take responsibility.

See the screengrabs shown below:

Source: Zimbabwe Voice

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