Social media can determine Zimbabwe’s next President: Hopewell Chin’ono

By Nancy Samkange

PROMINENT journalist Hopewell Chin’ono believes the numbers of Zimbabweans on social media are immense and such people can determine Zimbabwe’s President – but they will have to register to vote in the upcoming 2023 elections.

Chin’ono, who since this week has been on a campaign to encourage youths to register to vote and participate in the country’s political processes, says the opposition and civil society must however not lift their eyes off the ball and must continue hitting home the message that people must register to vote.

“Don’t listen to people who say social media doesn’t matter, it matters!” said Chin’ono, who spent over 85 days in remand prison over the past year on alleged social media abuse and other charges which he says are trumped up by the panicky State.

“That is why Mnangagwa keeps arresting us and jailing us for speaking on social media! 8.7 million Zimbabweans or so use mobile data.
These are mostly urbanites, a huge chunk of them some not registered voters.”

Chin’ono argues that contrary to unverified belief among some Zimbabweans that social media does not determine the Presidency in Zimbabwe, it actually does. He shared verified data from published research to back up his claim (see attachments below).

“You can win the Presidency with urban Zimbabwe alone, do the Math.

“Most arguments are based on what others say without interrogation, ZANUPF loves that!

“STOP discouraging people to register to vote, first understand how elections have been rigged and fix that!

“Social media matters, how can a platform used by 8.7 digital machines not matter!”

Chin’ono who trends on most social media platforms, urged his followers to share voters registration information in their family groups so that more people get to register.

“It is not only the opposition that should be doing this, but ALL of us! Register to vote and change your lives! #2023IamVoting,” said Chin’ono. – Zimbabwe Voice

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