Nothing wrong with MDC-T working with Zanu-PF: Linda Masaira

By Nancy Samkange

OPPOSITION LEAD president Ms Linda Masarira has said there was absolutely nothing wrong or out-of-place for the MDC-T led by Douglas Mwonzora to agree with Zanu-PF on some issues, saying the MDc previously worked with Zanu-PF on the 2013 Constitution making process.

Masarira said there was a cancerous culture in some sections of Zimbabwean opposition where politicians make it a career to oppose Government just for the sake of it. The culture has killed sane debate on issues affecting the country, she said.

“On the issue of why MDCT sided with Zanu PF, there is nothing wrong with political parties agreeing to act together especially when their interests intersect. They sided with each other during the constitution making process and led the vote YES campaign together and no one seemed to have a problem then.

“This culture of opposing for the sake of opposing is a cancer killing our nation. Some politicians seek political relevance by just opposing anything done by government,” Masarira said.

She also took aim at some apparently disgruntled MDC-T officials for unnecessarily exposing the tensions in their party to the public.

“Hon. Khuphe and Phugeni should display political maturity by not seeking public sympathy in a way that exposes lack of unity in their party. If they are not happy with the Mwonzora leadership they should take proper action internally instead of washing their party’s dirty linen in public,” said the LEAD leader.

Masarira also accused Zanu-PF of using State institutions to fight internal party politics. She also called for the appointment of a Public Protector, but said such an office must be filled in a broad-based manner.

“LEAD is in support of the Public Protector. The position is vital and very important. However, the appointment is supposed to be broad based and led by an Independent Commission made up of members from Political Parties who then from time to time sit to interogate, supervise and oversee the Public Protector for the sake of accountability.” – Zimbabwe Voice

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