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Lesbian threatened with death by violent ex-lover, seeks court protection

A troubled Zimbabwean lesbian has dragged her violent ex-lover to court after their affair turned sour.

Linda Sphiwe Mpofu from Bulawayo’s Barbourfields suburb approached Bulawayo Civil Court to seek for security against her ex-lover Brenda Mugabazi, who she disclosed was violent, abusive and now stalking her and threatening her for daring to end the relationship.

Linda complained that Brenda had an insatiable appetite and always asking for despite the fact that they are no longer together.

She added; “I have been living a lesbian life with Brenda (Mugabazi) who forced me into it and I have realised that I cannot continue with it… I am begging the honourable court to grant me a protection order against her… This is because I want to live a normal life again.

“On 25 December 2020, she beat me up and I sustained a swollen left knee and foot and I am still limping up to now. Whenever she meets me, she harasses me and declares that I can’t leave her.”

Even though she was granted an interim protection order in January, Linda said her situation had worsened as Brenda constantly threatened her and insisted that she will never let her go because she (Linda) is her wife.

Magistrate Nkosinomusa Ncube presided over the case and said the January interim protection order was now a final protection order and warned Brenda to stay away from Linda.

She also cautioned her not to communicate with Linda in any way or she would be arrested for violating the protection order. – Online

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