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Gweru bloodbath: Kwekwe hustler shot dead in suspected love triangle

A GWERU car dealer Peter Dube aged 35, Thursday night ran amok and shot four individuals – two to death while two others are reportedly battling for life at Gweru Provincial hospital, police in Gweru confirmed the incident.

The incident which took place at Bensen Flats along fifth street in Gweru CBD has claimed the life of popular Kwekwe Hustler and Amaveni born Shelton “Shelaz” Chinhango, age not given, and his alleged lover Gamuchirai Mudungwe aged 30 and left two sisters Nyasha ( 31)and Nyaradzo Nharingo (34) seriously injured.

Circumstances are that on the 22nd of April at around 1100 hours the alleged shooter and killer Dube got wind that his second wife, sister and the now two deceased had travelled to Masvingo to collect Nyaradzo’s passport without his knowledge and this could have angered Dube leading to the latest development.

According to police, at around 2000hrs, Dube armed with an unknown type of firearm went to number 11 Bensam Flats Main Street where an argument ensued accusing his second wife Nyasha Nharingo of having an affair with Shelton.

“Dube accused Nyasha of having an affair with Shelton and an altercation ensued which prompted him to go down stairs and shot Shelton who was seated at the driver’ seat of a Toyota Hiace registration number AFI 06969 silver in colour once on the head, and he died instantly.

“Dube went back upstairs where he met Gamuchirai on the door and shot her on the chest and she died before proceeding to shoot Nyasha on the neck, also shooting Nyaradzo on the head and are battling for life at Gweru Provincial Hospital,” said the police.

The accused’s young brother Advance Dube and first wife Jestina Chawana witnessed the incident and are the ones who made the report.

Police say that Dube fled the scene and is yet to be arrested. The weapon used in committing the crime is also not yet recovered.

Meanwhile, police in a statement indicated they were awaiting expert forensic teams to arrive at the crime scene to take cartridge samples and other key crime scene components.

The crime scene was guarded Thursday night going into Friday. – Midlandsnews.co.zw. Additional reporting by Zimbabwe Voice

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