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Islamic jihadists threaten to unleash war on Zimbabweans

AN Islamic Jihadist group France Al Rasak that is at war in parts of Mozambique has sent a message to Zimbabwe ordering they stop interfering in matters that are none of their business.

This comes after reports have circulated that Zimbabwe deployed soldiers in Mozambique to help in the fight against the Islamic group deemed terrorists.

A couple of days back the France Al Rasak through their Twitter handle responded to Jonathan Moyo’s tweet which announced the deployment of soldiers in Mozambique.

The group said “We are Marty’s we will fight Mnangagwa and enter his land and bomb his bases until we capture him.. the election were stolen here in Mozambique he now interferes without Allah’s permission we will fight by the will of Allah and wisdom of prophet Muhammad Rasullulah”.

As if that was not enough they have once again sent another warning via Twitter saying.

“Just Continue deploying your soldiers in our peaceful Islamic revolution we used drones and counted soldiers interference from Zimbabwe.. Dont say we didn’t warn you. Your serious intervention will also allow us to strike Zimbabwe back and open for opposition we can’t stop fighting”.

The deployment of Zimbabwean soldiers to Mozambique has sparked debates on social media .

However speaking on behalf of Zimbabwe Nick Mangwana the permanent secretary of the ministry of information denied reports that Zimbabwe had deployed soldiers to Mozambique .

He unapologetically tweeted that “Zimbabwe has not deployed the Zimbabwe Defense Forces (ZDF) in Mozambique”

He emphasized that he did not use the word “yet”.

Mozambique has been in turmoil since the discovery of gas in the northern parts of the country about half a decade ago. The regional body, has officially met several times over the issue but seems not ready to place boots on the ground, at least officially. ■

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