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Govt clarifies rules for people who imported cars older than 10 years

By Mutsa Makuvaza

GOVERNMENT has issued a statement clarifying Statutory Instrument 89 of 2021 on the importation of second hand cars that are more than 10 years old.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce in conjunction with the revenue authority ZIMRA said it will only entertain those who purchased the vehicles on or before 2 April 2021, and such people must have made the payment in line with Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe foreign exchange control regulations.

This could see many vehicle importers losing out as many sneaked into Zambia to make the payments to Japan while avoiding Zimbabwean financial institutions.

The Ministry said these conditions will only apply between 22nd April and 31st May, by which date all vehicles purchased must have arrived at the country’s borders.

Read the full statement attached above. – Zimbabwe Voice

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