Mwonzora reported to ZACC over ‘theft’ of party funds

INTRACTABLE MDC-T activist Patson Murimoga Friday reported his party president, Douglas Mwonzora to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) alleging the Nyanga senator, working in cahoots with the organisation’s finance director Toddy Mapingire, stole millions in party funds.

Murimoga also accused Mwonzora of money laundering sometime last year.
Last year, Murimoga filed a separate report to the police, but on the same allegations, and in his report to ZACC Friday, he questioned the Zimbabwe Republic Police’s (ZRP) reluctance to arrest the MDC-T leader.

“The case was reported on RRB/2236/12/2020. I’m not the only person wondering why, in the face of such overwhelming evidence Mwonzora has not been arrested for this theft,” Murimoga said in his letter to ZACC.

“The (police) investigating officers have so far done a sterling job in identifying the various accounts used, accomplices within the MDC-T and the illegal foreign currency dealers they engaged.

“It appears to me that there is enough evidence of misappropriation. The MDC-T finance director Toddy Mapingire facilitated the withdrawal, delivery and collection of the illegally obtained foreign currency.

“With the publication of this story, I fear they (Mwonzora and implicated colleagues) may tamper with evidence and witnesses.

“I strongly believe, it is in the best interest of justice that Douglas Mwonzora, Toddy Mapingire and others be arrested just like any other citizen would if they are accused of a similar crime.”

In 2016, Murimoga took the now late MDC founder Morgan Tsvangirai to the High Court over making illegal appointments of Nelson Chamisa and Elias Mudzuri as additional co-vice presidents to Thokozani Khupe. – New Zimbabwe ■

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