‘Haruziviishe will come out of jail forgotten, bitter and dejected’

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  • If Solomon Madzore was ignored into oblivion at Chikurubi Maximum Prison, is there a chance Mako will last 14 days of remembrance in his 14 months stay in prison?

By Reason Wafawarova

Is Makomborero Haruzivishe a jailed attention seeker or a jailed nationalist freedom fighter?

If Solomon Madzore was ignored into oblivion at Chikurubi Maximum Prison, is there a chance Mako will last 14 days of remembrance in his 14 months stay in prison?

Not many people know what he stands for politically. In fact, those that claim they know call him an MDC Alliance activist.

Solomon Madzore was jailed for a long time at Chikurubhi alongside several others for the alleged murder of a police officer.

He and his colleagues complained bitterly about being totally abandoned by the leadership of the party on whose behalf they were caught up in these allegations.

Solo did not come out stronger politically? He came out dejected, angry, bitter and surrendered.

He enrolled at the University of Zimbabwe to try and catch up with lost time and lost opportunities in pursuit of a cause that he saw as no longer worth his efforts and time.

The cause for which Joshua Nkomo, Robert Mugabe, Morris Nyagumbo, Edgar Tekere, Nelson Mandela, Simon Mzenda, and many other nationalists were jailed was far well defined in the struggle for freedom and independence.

While it is clear Mako and his like-minded are fighting ZANU-PF and that they want ZANU-PF rule to end in Zimbabwe, it is not clear what they are fighting for? We can also see what they are fighting against, but we can’t easily identify what they are fighting for.

What do they stand for? We were fighting for self-determination, sovereign rule, majority rule, independence, getting out land back, getting our country back.

We have all these things achieved now, and the struggle we have is development.

Does Mako have an agenda for development? Does he stand for the people of Zimbabwe in his political efforts?

To me, the young man is nothing more than an ambitious and willing tool in the game of power politics. This is a struggle for political power, and it is a noisy effort that hardly carries a national agenda.

It’s a struggle without revolutionaries. A struggle without a revolution. It’s a political squabble between elites and ambitious young people.

Having said that, it is a sad day for democracy when excitable ambitious young people are jailed for being politically stupid.

The world over the overzealousness of youthful activists like Mako is at best contained without charges, or ordinarily ignored.

We have clear faces on video of the vandals that attacked the Capitol in Washington DC, and there are well-defined laws that could get these vandals jailed for lengthy periods of time.

But because it is a politically motivated crime, it is best to contain the rioters and minimise pressing charges.

I saw Job Sikhala twitting Mako will come out of jail to lead Zimbabwe as its President like Robert Mugabe and Mandela did.

This does not even rise to the level of nonsense, and Sikhala has never been one to be above nonsense anyway.

From our days at University, Job Sikhala always wanted to emulate long-persecuted and jailed nationalists, and in his addresses, to the student Union he always claimed he had met the likes of Gaddafi, Castro, Mugabe, Nkomo, Tekere, and even Sankara.

He always said being arrested for politics was a pathway to fame, glory, and power, regardless of the actual cause behind the arrest.

There was a time we had a demonstration at UZ, and student cadres like Gabriel Shumba and others were rounded up and taken to Avondale Police Station.

On hearing that others had been arrested, Job Sikhala made his way there and started yelling at the police demanding to be arrested with the other guys.

One of the police officers suggested he just wanted attention and to have his name published in the Herald the following day.

They totally ignored him, and the following day Job Sikhala was carrying a sad face around campus when his name was missing among the eight students that had been detained.

I sincerely hope Makomborero Haruzivishe is not as an excitable youth as was Job the student.

Zimbabwe we are one and together we will overcome.

It is homeland or death!

  • Reason Wafawarova is a political writer based in Sydney. – Zimbabwe Voice

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