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President Mnangagwa builds classroom blocks for school in Zambia

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  • Ambassador Charity Charamba said Zimbabwe remains indebted to the Zambian people for accommodating Zimbabweans during the liberation struggle.

By Mutsa Makuvaza

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Government has donated towards the construction of two classroom blocks at a school in Zambia, Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to Zambia Ms Charity Charamba disclosed on the commemoration of the Zambian remembrance day held yesterday.

Remembrance Day is held in Zambia in honour of fallen heroes and heroines who paid the ultimate price for the country’s cause.

Zimbabwean envoy to Zambia, Charity Charamba, who attended the Lusaka event yesterday, disclosed that Zimbabwe’s Government provided US$26,344 meant for the construction of two classroom blocks at Kavalamanja memorial primary school.

She said the support, which she handed over to Zambia’s Ministry of Defence Permanent Secretary Fredrick Phiri on behalf of Zimbabwe Defense Forces, was done to fulfil the Zimbabwean government’s pledge.

President Mnangagwa spent his youthful days study and working in Zambia, where his family has relatives, after having been ejected from Rhodesia in the early 1960s by the Ian Smith regime. Liberation movements ZANLA and ZIPRA also maintained based in Zambia during the liberation war.

Charamba said Zimbabwe remains indebted to the Zambian people for accommodating Zimbabweans during the liberation struggle.

Ambassador Charamba further said the commemoration reminds Zimbabwe to reflect on the contributions made by Zambia to ensure that Zimbabwe gains self-rule.

The former national spokesperson for the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) also called for the preservation of historical events at Kavalamanja saying this is the only way knowledge about the undertaking could be passed on to young people.

Acknowledging the support by Zimbabwe Government, Zambian Deputy Army Commander, Dennis Sitali said the role which Zambia played in the liberation struggle for neighbouring Zimbabwe was a significant undertaking that continues to strengthen relations between the two countries.

The undertaking led to the death of many people at Kavalamanja and Kakaro villages in Luangwa district in Lusaka province, he said.

Major General Sitali noted that the commemoration of the liberation struggle reminds the people of Zimbabwe about Zambia’s contribution towards the independence of that country.

He said the Zambia Army attaches significance to the historical event as it symbolizes the courage and patriotism of the Zambian people and attests to the country’s contribution towards the goals for liberty, freedom and peace in Africa.

He was speaking at remembrance day in the Luangwa district.

Major Gen. Sitali has revealed that Zambia Army plans to construct a military museum in Lusaka’s Chalala area at Green Buffalos’ recreation center to preserve military historical events. – Zimbabwe Voice / Lusaka Times 🔺

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