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Econet to raise voice, SMS and data bundles this week

ECONET Wireless, Zimbabwe’s largest mobile network operator (MNO), has notified its subscribers of a price review on its voice, data and SMS promotional bundles with effect from 10 March 2021.

The company said in a public notice:

Please note, we will review our Voice, Data & SMS promotional bundle prices effective, Wednesday 10 March 2021.

This comes a few days after the country’s second-largest MNO, NetOne hiked data bundle prices.

The price change came into effect on 5 March. See NetOne’s new data bundle prices:

Data Bundles

ItemOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
Hourly 1 024 MB60.0080.00
2 Hour 1 024 MB150.00
Night Bundle (1GB)120.00160.00
Daily 30 MB25.0033.00
Daily 80 MB50.0070.00
Daily 200 MB110.00150.00
Daily 480 MB220.00300.00
Daily 960 MB300.00420.00
Daily 1200 MB350.00480.00
Weekly 30 MB25.0033.00
Weekly 60 MB45.0060.00
Weekly 160 MB120.00155.00
Weekly 350 MB240.00330.00
Weekly 700 MB400.00550.00
Weekly 5 GB1 500.002 000.00
Monthly 200 MB150.00210.00
Monthly 450 MB300.00420.00
Monthly 1.5 GB800.001 120.00
Monthly 3.5 GB1 400.002 000.00
Monthly 5 GB2 000.002 600.00
Monthly 8 GB

Social Media Bundles

All social media bundles WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are priced the same across all data allocations.

ItemOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
Daily 20 MB16.0022.00
Daily 50 MB30.0040.00
Weekly 70 MB50.0070.00
Weekly 150 MB100.00140.00
Monthly 300 MB150.00200.00
Monthly 750 MB350.00450.00

One Fusion

ItemOld Price ZWL$New Price ZWL$
One Fusion Lite250.00350.00
One Fusion Gold400.00550.00
One Fusion Premium800.001 100.00


ItemOld Price ZWL$New Price (ZWL$)
Daily 8 SMS2.003.00
Daily 25 SMS8.0010.00
Daily 50 SMS15.0020.00
Weekly 90 SMS30.0040.00
Weekly 200 SMS60.0085.00
Weekly 500 SMS120.00165.00


NetOne has added a new 10 GB data band for the One-Fi bundles. Nice addition although the price is starting ZWL$500 shy of where the old 25 GB On-Fi Bundle was priced.

PackageOld Price (ZWL$)New Price (ZWL$)
10 GB2 000.00
25 GB2 5003 500.00
50 GB4 5005 000.00
80 GB6 0006 500.00
  • Source: Pindula News

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