Chamisa resists Patriot Act: ‘The love for country must not be legislated’

By Nompumelelo Sibanda

THE opposition MDC Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa is planning to oppose the proposed Patriot Act when the Bill comes up for debate in Parliament, the party has announced.

The MDC Alliance has called upon Zimbabweans to oppose the proposed law which is along the lines of a similar law in the U.S., saying Zanu-PF plans to abuse human rights and impede on freedoms while hiding behind patriotism.

The Logan Act of 1799 is a U.S. federal law that, among other things, criminalizes citizens who collude with foreigners to harm American national interests.

Tomorrow, MDC Alliance says its Hwange legislator Daniel Molokele, a lawyer, will participate in an online debate on the proposed Patriots Act.

“He is on record stating that love for country cannot be legislated. We must all engage with this proposed law that will be abused by the system to impede freedoms,” the party said.

The live debate on proposed law will be hosted by Open Parly on YouTube, and coming up against Molokele will be ZANU-PF Chief whip Pupurayi Togarepi, a radical proponent of the Patriot Bill.

Pupurayi has not made it a secret that he strongly supports the proposed law, going even further to say Chamisa and his deputy Tendai Biti should be further blocked from partaking in national elections because they are “traitors” who openly advocated for sanctions.

“I am not a lawyer, but it will be ideal if the law could apply in retrospect for such traitors,” Togarepi told an online publication yesterday.

“This can console the majority of our people who have suffered under these sanctions that were largely a product of lobbying by people like Biti, Chamisa, and their cohorts.

“If the law says so, they will be barred. This depends on the provisions of the Patriotic Act. If I was the drafter, I would definitely ensure the law censors enemies of the State.

“For instance, there is information that Biti wrote a letter persuading the world not to give Zimbabwe Covid-19 financial support.

“If it’s true, how can such an anti-Zimbabwe element be allowed to govern the same people he denied access to emergency medical care,” said the Zanu-PF chief whip.

Another Zanu-PF hardliner and Mberengwa South legislator Alum Mpofu called for heavy clampdown on “traitors” while debating in Parliament last week.

“What do you do with citizens who make it their duty to spend hours and hours crafting counter-narratives that are negative with all intent and purpose intended to harm the country’s positive good reputation? This is a very crucial question for this debate,” Mpofu said, a former CEO for State-owned broadcaster ZBC.

The Zanu-PF led government accuses the opposition MDC of calling for western imposed sanctions against the country.

MDC Alliance, in turn, accuses the Government of corruption, economic mismanagement and human rights abuses, which it says are the reasons the Western allies maintain sanctions. – Zimbabwe Voice 🔺

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