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Dr Nkosana Moyo to ‘mobilize like hell’ for the 2023 elections

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  • Dr. Moyo told the Zimbabwe Voice in an exclusive interview this Thursday that his party is absolutely in the game for the 2023 elections, and called upon those who support because to "personalize the campaign and mobilize like hell".

By Stanford Madombwe and Mutsa Makuvaza

OPPOSITION party Alliance for the People’s Agenda (APA) president Dr Nkosana Donald Moyo is still very much fancying his chances to land the State House job as 2023 elections beckon.

Dr. Moyo told the Zimbabwe Voice in an exclusive interview this Thursday that his party is absolutely in the game for the 2023 elections, and called upon those who support his cause to “personalize the campaign and mobilize like hell”.

In the 2018 elections, the 59-year-old former Minister of Industry and International Trade managed a paltry 15,000 votes out of the over 4,5 million voters, but he is undeterred.

“APA is definitely participating in the 2023 elections,” said Dr Moyo. “We are definitely in this game for the long haul. However, our specific candidates will be decided by the party in a disciplined way.”

He however cautioned that whether it will be him or another party candidate on the ballot will be decided at a future undisclosed date.

Dr Moyo admitted that dislodging Zanu-PF in an election is not easy a task, hence his call for his supporters to mobilize each other and register to vote, and then vote in huge numbers. He emphasized that those willing to see a change of government must be prepared to volunteer for the cause.

He said that Zimbabwe’s problem at the moment was that the voter lacked civic education. He said the over four million voters who voted for Zanu-PF candidate Emmerson Mnangagwa and MDC Alliance candidate Nelson Chamisa “chose wrongly”. He said the average voter lacks an understanding of the relationship between their vote and the election outcome which is service delivery.

Asked if he would join the current Zanu-PF led Government of offered a key role, Dr Nkosana Moyo he would never work for a Zanu-PF Government in his life.

“Look, I made a mistake working with a Zanu-PF Government and I have regretted it. Never again will I work for Zanu-PF, I would rather retire and do something else than working for Zanu-PF.”

In 2001, Dr Moyo quit Robert Mugabe’s Cabinet post in a huff and went abroad to build his private career. The former Standard Chartered Bank Managing Director tendered his resignation letter to Mugabe from South Africa via fax to avoid possible confrontation with the former guerilla leader.

After receiving the letter, Mugabe labelled him a “coward” and “spineless” and further remarked “I do not want ministers who are in the habit of running away. I want those I can call amadoda sibili (real men), people with spine. Our revolution . . . was not fought by cowards. If some of you are getting weak-kneed, tell us and we will continue with the struggle”.

However, remarking on the incident, Dr Nkosana Moyo said he was the only Minister to ever walk away from Cabinet on principle.

He said has has the best curriculum vitae of all the 23 candidates, having worked in development finance on an international scale. Dr Moyo, who also served as African Development Bank as Vice President, was not shy to state that he is the best qualified to turn around Zimbabwe’s economy.

“No-one of those candidates comes anywhere close to me in terms of public work record, if you check the records,” he said, adding that corruption and patronage by Mnangagwa’s Government was dragging the economy in the mud.

He said given a chance, he would take at most two years to set the economy on a positive trajectory.

Meanwhile, Dr. Nkosana Moyo said land reform should never be reversed, but a lot needs to be done to improve farm productivity. He said He supported and still supports the act of taking farms from minority white commercial farmers and distributing to the landless majority.

“But corruption in the land allocation, including multiple farm ownership by politicians, should not go unchallenged,” he added.

Asked why he was prepared to contest in the 2023 elections despite there being no electoral reforms since the last elections, Dr Moyo said it was unrealistic to expect Zanu-PF to agree to reforms that would push it our of power.

“The hope restson Zimbabweans voting out Zanu-PF in large numbers that make it impossible to rig, and the new party that wins would then implement the needed reforms.

“The common denominator between Mnangagwa and Mugabe is Zanu-PF. Nothing under Mnangagwa has changed, it’s the same old Zanu-PF we knew under Mugabe,” he said.

He called on youths, who are the majority, to use their numbers to register and vote to decide a government that works for them as the current government, he said, had no interest in pushing economic empowerment for the youths. – Zimbabwe Voice 🔺

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