At 39, Sandra Ndebele doesn’t look a day older than 16 | PHOTO

By Nompumelelo Sibanda

TOP choreographer, dancer and musician Sandra Ndebele this Friday attracted some hilarious reactions when she posted a hot photo of hers on social media, with many gushing over how she barely looks like she’s on the wrong side of 30.

Her male followers admitted the photo was “confusing” them.

Born in 1982, Ndebele turned 39 in early January but apparently doesn’t look a day older than sixteen. A brand ambassador for the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe, National Blood Service Zimbabwe, Mpilo Central Hospital and Suzuki, she is a confident woman who is not easily moved by untoward comments on her looks.

In no time after her photo post, moral police stormed the comments section and accused the 39-year-old Ndebele of trying to woo men with her edgy photos. Some said she was an embarrassment to women as she was for “sharing a curvy figure instead of encouraging younger women to showcase their talents”.

Obey Magada said: “Advertising flesh shame ” when will you behave in the race of your age …we know that that foto is a hook to cause confusion in the mind of men… Shame on you.

“What will the next generation learn from this. This woman is anointed by devil himself. She knows out of this post plenty men who are foolish will look for her. She is a destroyer.

Sandra Ndebele

“To show you that this is demonic look at the comments of men. Some men after seeing this foto spirit of lust enters them.”

However, several of Sandra’s followers lurched to her defence and said the photo looked decent enough. Yet others poked fun on the matter.

“I am in your town… in that voice, if you know, you know🤣🤣,” said Don Makubaza, subtly referring the embarrassing sexual allegations which led to the dramatic resignation of Vice President Kembo Mohadi this Monday.

A versatile performer on the stage, Sandra Ndebele became a household name in the early 2000s with her 180-degree seaters which wowed big crowds at galas. She has performed in India, Dubai, China, United Kingdom, Russia, Canada and Japan. – Zimbabwe Voice 🔺

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