Mohadi’s enemies are revolutionaries inside Zanu-PF | OPINION

By Reason Wafawarova

VICE President Kembo Mohadi resigned on the 25th of February as I posted here, and as confirmed now by the President’s Office.

He wanted to ambush his political foes, hoping for a rescue intervention from ED that he thought would kill the storm he was facing.

His handlers then miscalculated a prediction that ED would reject the resignation, hopefully igniting an official defence offensive from the State Machinery, sending Varakashi back to the shifts to do the usual blind loyalty defence job.

ED decided to be unpredictable. But because we already ignited the Social Media news of his resignation, poor Mohadi needed to manage that aspect. He had to do the dirty defence work for his mischief personally. The man felt hopelessly isolated.

So he went to officiate at the National Data Base function to try and dispel any thoughts and speculation about his demise.

Just before heading for the function, he did his Press Conference to dispel our news; again hoping ED would jump to his rescue. He even tried to cleverly lobby the President for the much needed rescue intervention.

It did not come.

Mohadi’s political foes are not external unpatriotic cowards bent on destroying Zanu PF as he claimed in his Presser.

No. They are revolutionary cadres and patriots within the revolutionary party itself, and he knows them.

Soon we will be dissecting the insides of the factional machinations that ED is trying to delicately manage.

  • Reason Wafawarova writes in his personal capacity. 🔺

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