Man assaults cheating wife, burns down hut and kills self

A MAN from Madziwa district in Mashonaland Central, Max Chauke died after consuming a poisonous substance after accusing his wife of cheating.

Mashonaland Central Police Acting spokesperson Assistant Inspector Naison Dhliwayo confirmed that Chauke’s widow, Tendai Mhlanga had filed physical abuse and malicious damage to property reports against Chauke.

“On February 25 at around 0900hrs, the two had a misunderstanding on infidelity issues which led to Chauke assaulting his wife and a report was filed at Mt. Darwin police,” he said.

On February 26 in the morning, Mhlanga left Chauke home alone as she visited her relatives in a nearby village.

Upon her return, she discovered that her bedroom hut was burnt and Chauke was nowhere to be found.

A report of malicious damage to property was made Mt. Darwin police with Chauke being the suspect.

In the afternoon, their daughter Cinderella Chauke (17) was on her way to the borehole and found her father lying on the ground having difficulties in breathing.

Cinderella ran to a nearby homestead and advised Jomo (40) who then rushed to the scene and found out that Chauke had passed on.

The police came and found a bottle of an unidentified poison in his trousers’ pocket.

The police are appealing to the public to seek counseling whenever they have troubles.

“Adultery and infidelity is not a new phenomena in this world and when it happens, people must seek third parties for counseling,” Dhliwayo pleaded. – Byo24 🔺

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