Council worker dies from drinking too much kachasu

A MVURWI Town Council worker, Gumburai Magunde, was found dead on the roadside yesterday after he allegedly consumed too much of an illicit home-made beer, popularly known as kachasu.

Kachasu also known as Lutuku is an illegal traditional distilled beverage from about 20 to 30% ethanol. Other studies on the beverage have found alcohol contents as high as 70%.

He is alleged to have collapsed and died while on his way home at night. Passersby discovered his body in the morning and filed a police report.

Mashonaland Central acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Naison Dhliwayo confirmed the case and warned people to shun illicit brews.

“I can confirm a case of sudden death in Mvurwi, which was caused by taking too much kachasu,” he said. – Online 🔺

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