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Why bags form under your eyes, plus useful remedies

“I am 35 years old but I get treatment from a beautician for bags under my eyes. Aren’t these supposed to affect someone in old age?” doctors say this a common question they encounter.

It is true that as we age, body tissue and muscles including those that support the eyelids become loose and weaken with fat in the eye socket.

This fat normally cushions the eye shifting into the lower eyelid and joined by fluids accumulating here to fill the left void leads to eye bags.

Fortunately, eye bags are a mere cosmetic nuisance and rarely a sign of a serious, underlying medical condition. That said, not every older person has eye bags with genetics playing a role and a few people may get them in their youth.

That said, several factors may cause or worsen eye bags including fluid retention, especially upon waking up or after eating a salty meal, lack of sleep, allergies, sleeping without removing heavy make-up and smoking.

These can be controlled by applying a cold cloth with mild pressure around the eyes while sitting up, cutting down on fluids and removing make-up before bedtime.

You should also reduce the amount of salt in your diet to reduce fluid retention in the bags, avoid smoking, have enough sleep with the head propped up on a pillow, and manage allergies, especially to hair dyes, soaps, cosmetics or other allergens. Use of cosmetics to mask the bags can also help out. If this has no effect, cosmetic surgery may be contemplated. – Dr Vincent Karuhanga 🔺

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