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Malawi permits Bushiri’s daughter to leave for medication in Kenya

THE Malawian Government has granted the daughter of multimillionaire self-styled preacher, Shepherd Bushiri permission to travel to Kenya for medical attention.

A letter from Malawi’s government states Shepherd Bushiri’s daughter can travel to Kenya to be treated for a condition that could not be treated locally.

Bushiri’s daughter, Israela Bushiri, had earlier last week been blocked from leaving Malawi but now will travel with three adults, one of whom will donate bone marrow to treat her medical condition.

Malawi’s government says it has no objection to Shepherd Bushiri’s daughter and three adults traveling abroad as they aren’t under travel restrictions.

The letter from the Minister of Homeland reads:


Reference Is made to the above subject matter.

I would like to confirm that Israella Bushiri, the holder of Passport Number MA867832 has been referred by his doctor to a specialist in Kenya upon examination of his condition which cannot be treated locally.

In view of this development, he will be accompanied by Raphaella Bushiri holder of Passport Number MWA034810 who will donate bone marrow to the patient and two guardians to provide care and support during the time of receiving medical treating In Kenya. The particulars of the guardians are detailed below:

  1. Esther Bushlri: MA 594035:
  2. Magdalena Ndiwila Zgambo MA 564518.

The Government of Malawi has no objection for the patient and the three guardians to travel abroad for medical attention considering that there are no travel restrictions imposed on them by the Government.

I should be grateful for your kind assistance.


This is happening when Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary are facing fraud and corruption charges in South Africa. They fled from South Africa for Malawi shortly after receiving bail.

Their extradition case will be heard next month. 🔺

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