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VIDEO | Woman removes her G-string, uses it as facemask at Pick ‘n Pay

A VIDEO showing a woman removing her panties and turning them into a makeshift mask has gone viral on social media.

The South African supermarket shopper  came up with a makeshift mask on the spot when challenged by a store employee.

The footage shows the woman, who is not wearing a face covering, being told she must put on a mask while in the store.

The shopper appears to argue for a while, before finally whipping off her underwear and putting it over her head and face.

After donning the makeshift mask, she can be heard asking the staff member, “Is this better?”.

Another shopper chimes in saying she finds the makeshift mask acceptable, “It IS a mask’.

“Quite frankly”, she goes on, “the bacteria on her knickers is less than on a mask”.

The video had Twitter users in a spin with one commenting “This is someone’s mother”, while another simply said “they need to confiscate her “Smart Shopper” card”.

Even former Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi chimed in asking “is it entitlement?”

Figures released by Saps earlier this week revealed that thousands of South Africans have been arrested for not wearing a mask, more than 10 000 in KwaZulu-Natal alone.

Undercurrent lockdown rules, it is a criminal offence to not wear a mask in public. – Capetalk 🔺

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