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‘President Mnangagwa turned down Mohadi’s resignation’

By Reason Wafawarova

I still stand with the post that the VP tendered a resignation letter yesterday, but clearly, it was not accepted by the appointer, not necessarily because the VP is wanted in that post, but because the appointer works with his own narratives, and is not guided by ambush tactics or developments.

Anyway, someone in the VP office did a pathetic job in writing a face-saving/damage control/fire fighting press statement on behalf of VP Mohadi.

In Public Relations you establish a position you want to stand with and you then build a sustainable narrative around that declared position.

The VP “categorically” declared his innocence, and also started by declaring the allegations made against him as false, adding that the whole thing was choreographed and that it was all the art and science of voice cloning.

This is a fairly plausible narrative if only it can be sustained in the wake of evidence from the other parties involved in the conversations, including those whose marriages have collapsed based on the same conversations.

But then the VP turns out to be unconvincing when he says his right to privacy was invaded, going on to read the violated part of our national constitution.

Total fabrication of purported communications cannot possibly violate your right to privacy when in fact nothing of your private communications has been accessed.

Unless the VP is admitting partial truths in the publicized audios and claiming doctoring in other parts, it does not make sense that he totally dismisses the whole thing as fabricated slanderous work of the enemy on one hand, and pleads victimhood to privacy invasion on the other.

This matter needs to go to the courts for determination, either with the VP as the litigant or his employer seeking legal clarity on the allegations.

VP Mohadi is not an ordinary politician fighting dirty games with foes. He occupies the second Highest Office in the country which comes with tremendous moral obligations.

To begin with the VP must address issues of whether or not he personally paid tuition for the Bulawayo woman identified as Luba, and whether he had approached her later for a relationship of a sexual nature.

These are specifics that require his immediate attention.

Targeting his purported enemies and nationalising them as enemies of all patriots might sound politically vibrant, but truly speaking the merits and demerits of these allegations cannot be wished away by simply pointing an enemy finger at unidentified enemies. 🔺

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