Govt says private players can import vaccines

GOVERNMENT says private players are free to import Covid-19 vaccines through proper channels. This comes as the vaccination programme is gathering momentum across the country, with frontline healthcare workers getting prioritized.

Speaking in parliament this Wednesday, the Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care John Mangwiro highlighted that private players can import vaccines through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and distribute them through proper government channels.

“The government is making sure that the country gets enough vaccines. Sinopharm is just the beginning, we are in the process of bringing in more vaccines from countries like India.

“Private players can also bring in their vaccine provided they buy it through the Ministry of Finance.

“They should also distribute it for free to people, be it their employees, but the process should be closely monitored by the Ministry of Health and Child Care.”

Meanwhile, several parliamentarians received their first jab today, a move they say will help debunk the myths and misconceptions around the Sinopharm vaccine.

“There are a lot of people who are skeptical about the vaccination programme. As leaders we have led by example and will disseminate correct information to people in our constituencies.”

The first phase of the vaccination programme targeting frontline workers was rolled out across the country this Monday. 🔺

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