Soul Jah Love’s secret lover crawls out of closet

A HARARE-based woman Geraldine Baye took to social media platform Facebook on Friday, claiming that she was in a secret affair with the late Zimdancehall chanter and provincial hero Soul Jah Love.

The lady posted their pictures together.

Jah Love, real name Soul Musaka, made it to Warren Hills Provincial Heroes Acre where he received a 21-gun salute as he was laid to rest next to his father, Ephraim.

“Google just had to remind me … This is all am left with … Memories … You didn’t have to go like that … together times to be cherished … we were so private and so happy no one knew about us we protected each other we did not let anyone in our home stories,” she posted.

“You taught me so many things, you gave me a reason to believe in myself again, you gave me love, you gave me strength in our very peaceful home … you did not want anyone to know about us. At first, it made me feel some type way till you showed me the bigger picture, you were only trying to protect us and it worked.”

She said although people mocked them, they, however, remained together as they accepted their fate.

“Everyone turned their backs on us, but that is what made us strong, people always questioned our relationship, but we still chose and because we were all we had for each other we grew closer by the day and some days were hard, but our beautiful moments were more,” she said.

“Sometimes you would get sick in the middle of the night and you would completely refuse to go to the hospital, that really annoyed me so much. I would just sit on the floor completely clueless on what to do, I would shout at you and you would tell me that sweetheart come cuddle your man.

“Sometimes nights were long because it’s either you would be at the studio. Normally, you would leave home at 11pm to 3am or you would be sick from 5:30pm-5am or you would be at the show,” she said.

“What hurt me the most were Fridays and Saturdays, because we would spend the whole day okay, but get sugar attacks from 6pm and start regaining strength around 11:30pm. That part of our lives was the worst.

“The next morning, boom Jah Love is a failure, you would spend most of your time wondering why people could not see that you were trying and you were also human like everyone.

“No one knew how that chronic disease affected you, all people wanted to see was a strong Jah Love, but never considered you were trying.”

Born Soul Muzavazi Musaka, the chanter succumbed to diabetes complications last Tuesday at Mbuya Dorcas Hospital in Waterfalls, Harare, at the age of 31. 🔺

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