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‘Mohadi has an IT problem, not a sex problem’ – Acie Lumumba

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  • “Who in politburo is not sleeping with other women (provided they still erect)? Pastors are having sex in church..." Lumumba adds.

By Nompumelelo Sibanda

FUEL dealer and Zanu-PF activist Acie Lumumba has sprung to the defence of Vice President Kembo Mohadi, who was reportedly recorded discussing sex issues with alleged lovers, at least one of whom is a married subordinate at his office.

Lumumba, who in 2016 was the subject of ridicule on social media when his own sex tape was leaked, has torched heated debate when he suggested on social media that Mohadi’s issue was not unique, as “all men” cheat on their married wives all the time.

Instead, says Lumumba, Mohadi’s problem is that he is not tech-savvy hence the way his conversations were leaked after a suspected hacking of his mobile and electronic devices.

“Mohadi has an IT problem not a sex problem. Do you people know how hard it is to find a base for sex maskati uri mutown? You spend more time driving uchitsvaga pekupaka than time yeprogram yacho. We need ma base. Kana Temba arikuchiwa mujeri. Munhu wese anoshanda nezviripo,” Lumumba said.

He involved Norton MP Temba Mliswa into the debate. Mliswa was arrested yesterday at his farm in Karoi on charges of violating the lockdown regulations.

Lumumba added: “Who in politburo is not sleeping with other women (provided they still erect)? Pastors are having sex in church, Students & teachers are having sex in class, drivers and passengers are having it in their vehicles, even Bob and Grace vaikiyana Pabasa. Chakakosha kuwirirana.

“Before we talk about how many women Mohadi was sleeping with, can we start with yowa father?Then can we go to you? Who among u brethren is sleeping with 1 woman?(Not me.

“Who among you brethren has a father who didn’t sleep with another woman while married to your motha? Not mine,” said the former Zanu-PF youth leader for Harare.

Lumumba himself is not new to sex scandals. In 2016, during his tumultuous relationship with the Robert Mugabe regime, his sex tape was leaked on social media, but he reinvented himself and still walked tall and claimed there was nothing amiss about consenting adults having sex. – Zimbabwe Voice

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