‘Nothing conquers love’: Zanu-PF youths mourn Jah Love

Soul Jah Love: “Zororai murugare chibabababa”. Nothing Conquers Love

WE acknowledge with heavy hearts, news of the untimely and tragic demise of one of the country’s emerging mega-talents in the arts industry, youthful Zimdancehall artiste Soul Musaka, otherwise affectionately known by his stage moniker, “Soul Jah Love”, at the tender age of 31.

The ZANU PF Youth League, representing the entire cross-section of its structures and membership within and outside our Zimbabwean borders, heartily condoles the Musaka family and the entire “Conquerin” Zimdancehall fraternity over the sad loss.

Zimdancehall is one of the most visible products of ZANU PF’s deliberate drive to promote local content in the arts industry in order to raise the consciousness of the youth and empower them to realise their potential in the creative arts industry.

Gingerly, Soul Jah Love stepped forward to become one of its most unassuming proponents, quickly capturing the national imagination as both a mercurial lyricist and prolific songwriter.

He was a rare talent who spiritedly blazed his way through different social classes and generations, grooming a lot of youngsters along the way.

His signature beats and content touched the hearts of many, and even aesthetically decorated radio and television slots, a fact which made him a firm favourite and permanent fixture at many state occasions, where he always sang his heart out in support of national progress and development.

The Youth League is currently fully engaged with processes to ensure he is accorded a befitting status.

Lyrics flowed naturally through Soul Jah Love, and his linguistic prowess endures through some of the words he coined or adapted to air across his songs. Words like “chigunduru” and “Pamamomya ipapo” have indeed become some of the indelible footprints he left us in street lingo.

His rapidly flourishing discography, featuring songs such as “Simudza mureza”, always tended towards planting a patriotic spirit among young people.

The “Pamamonya Ipapo” hitmaker was born with the genes of generating brilliant appealing lyrics as evidenced by his linguistic proficiency and competency in coining words and chants like “ Chibabababa” “ Chigunduru”,” high definition” “ pamamonya Ipapo” and “ television thing, ” amongst a host of other lyrics .

His powerful harmonious rhythmic, poetic, soulful and danceable music appealed and captivated to all demographic groups.

“Chibaba” will forever remain in the hearts of all progressive and peace loving Zimbabwe whose life was dedicated to placing Zimbabwe first in all aspects life whether at home or abroad.Rest in eternal peace Jah Love.

#TrustED #GoneTooSoonJahLove #LetLoveLead

Cadre Tendai Chirau – ZANU PF Acting Deputy Secretary for Youth Affairs
For and on behalf of the ZANU PF Youth League 🔺

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