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Insurance claims for illegal driving during curfew to be rejected

INSURANCE and Pensions Commissions (IPEC)’s director insurance and micro-insurance supervision, Sibongile Siwela, said insurance policies have terms and conditions which ought to be followed and non-compliance with Government regulations normally leads to rejection of claims.

Sibongile has over 27 years of experience, 20 years of which were in the insurance industry. She has worked for First Mutual Life Assurance Company.

“Individuals travelling during the curfew without the necessary exemption will be operating outside the dictates of the law and insurance policies cease to apply in cases of violating the law,” she said.

“Usually, insurance policies have terms and conditions indicating that the policy will cease if the policy holder is in violation of the law.”

Siwela said insurance companies would not want to support activities that violate the law hence they may reject claims emanating from driving or risk occurrences during the curfew hours of the lockdown period.

“Individuals are, therefore, urged to avoid driving during the curfew hours unless they have special exemption,” she said.

Siwela said while insurance companies cover claims for accidents that occur during the lockdown period, these should be subject to the confinements of the law. However, claims emanating from illegal driving during the lockdown period, will be rejected, she explained.

“For example, a claim from a public service vehicle offering transport services during the lockdown is bound to be rejected unless operating under the Zupco banner, which has been cleared to offer such services under strict Covid-19 conditions,” said Siwela.

She said while the pensions and insurance watchdog does not have statistics on the latest number of claims made during the lockdown, a total of claims amounting to $872,52 million were paid during the lockdown period as at September 30, 2020.

“The commission does not have the statistics on the number of claims or those repudiated during the lockdown period,” she said.

“Motorists are urged to adhere to the Government’s lockdown restrictions and defined health guidelines. Driving during curfew and the offer of transport services without the necessary exemption may result in the repudiation of claims in the event of an accident.” 🔺

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