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Govt adds 6th subject for Grade 7

PHYSICAL Education and Arts (PEA) has been introduced as an examinable subject at Grade 7 with effect from this year, bringing to six the number of subjects written by final-year primary school pupils.

Since 2015, the subjects taught at Grade 7 were Agriculture, English, Mathematics, General Paper and Ndebele or Shona and were written in public examinations. Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council (Zimsec) spokesperson Nicolette Dhlamini yesterday confirmed the introduction of PEA as an examinable subject, briefly saying “yes it now is”.

The subject content would include topics such as visual and performing arts, which will constitute 50 percent of the examination while physical education, sports and mass displays should make up the other 50 percent and shall be written as one multiple choice examination paper.

According to the other subjects’ structure, the former General Paper changes its name to Social Sciences with the family, religion and moral education (Fareme) as a topic which constitutes 50 percent of the examination.

Topics completing the paper are heritage and social studies, which constitute 40 percent of the examination, while guidance and counselling make up the other 10 percent.

The subject would be divided into two papers with paper one as multiple choice while paper two will be structured questions.

Agriculture, which was introduced in 2015, now includes science and technology with the agriculture component constituting 50 percent of the examination, while science and technology make up 30 percent, with information communication technology making up the rest.

The other three traditional subjects, Mathematics, English, Ndebele or Shona, however, remain largely unchanged.
The introduction of the new subject is in line with the new education curriculum the government introduced in 2015 in both primary and secondary schools.

The curriculum emphasises the teaching and learning of STEM subjects to build a firm base for human capital development by inculcating critical foundation skills in pupils at an early stage.

The government hopes to achieve the expansion in the capabilities of information communication technologies and the emergence of an information-driven economy underpinning the need for the development of new skill sets that enable citizens to live and work in a global village. – Daily News 🔺

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