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Zanu-PF supporter fears Govt could commit genocide with ‘these’ vaccines

PROMINENT cleric and Zanu-PF supporter Obadiah Msindo has challenged government to procure a tried and tested COVID-19 vaccine that will not be detrimental to citizens’ health.

He urged government to put the interests of the people ahead of other considerations and not succumb to pressure from international partners and other governments on the vaccine of choice.

Msindo was reacting to a statement by Information minister Monica Mutsvangwa on Wednesday that the country had settled to procure vaccines from China, Russia and India based on science-based advice from the COVID-19 advisory committee.

Mutsvangwa said the Chinese-manufactured vaccine had an efficacy rate of between 77% and 86%.

“I encourage government to make sure that the vaccines it buys are good for the people and should not be pushed by any governments, partners or international organisations to buy a vaccine that it doubts in the name of conforming to international expectations,” Msindo said.

Last month, the British government offered to donate a vaccine for three million Zimbabweans, but government snubbed the offer, settling for Chinese and Russian jabs.

“Government must make sure the vaccines will not endanger Zimbabweans’ lives,” Msindo said.

“I applaud government for its position to put science-based evidence ahead in its choice of the COVID-19 vaccine. Government is being cautious. It is also addressing the fears of the people by making sure it procures the best vaccine.

“The government should only make a decision based on scientific and medical decisions given to it to make sure we don’t have vaccines that will have serious dangers to people’s health. It is easier to commit genocide using these drugs. Imagine if government vaccinates 200 people and they all die.”

Msindo implored universities, churches, non-governmental organisations, private companies and opposition parties to support government in its “quest to get proper vaccines for the people”. 🔺

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