Cheaper to donate to a Govt you dislike than to bury people you love

By Brian Sedze

FINANCE Minister Mthuli Ncube last week invited private citizen and businesses to join in donating towards Government’s procurement of COVID-19 vaccines.

The request my Professor Ncube has torched a storm, with many demanding that Government use funds from mineral sales, taxes or the national budget.

In the following article, Brian Sedze, a business executive and former organizer of State galas, gives his viewpoint:

IN a normal country the Minister of Finance and Members of parliament would have resigned from this shameful act of not budgeting for a robust vaccine program and failure to robustly refuse to ascent that budget by parliament.

Death will be on their hands!

All that being said emotions won’t really save us. The pragmatic view is:

1. The government is broke. The reasons of them being broke won’t stop them being broke. The usual reasons and our anger won’t stop deaths and won’t procure a vaccine

2. There are those who are on medical aid. Let then access vaccines even with shortfalls.

3. There are those who can afford the vaccine let them procure. The vaccine is equivalent to 11 loaves of bread on average.

4. There are those who can borrow 15 USD let them borrow to access vaccine.

5. There are informal enterprenuers who can save for 11 loaves let them buy the vaccines.

6. If we all wait for this, our government, to procure for all of us the marginal cost of burials will be higher than cost of vaccine procurement.

7. It seem rogue but in truth even now we access different medical facilities.

8. The government should start from the very bottom of elderly, disabled, widows etc in intervention .

9. Donations should start with front line workers in health, education, police, army, transport, supermarkets, service stations etc.

10. If we are to wait for a wholesale approach then even those who could have avoided death will die.

11. Let’s encourage a practical approach. One life saved is great than all of us to perish. – Zimbabwe Voice 🔺

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