Pfumvudza is just a successful political story: Manyenyeni

By Ben Manyenyeni

PFUMVUDZA is a successful political story and a successful temporary subsistence farming story.

But it has serious other issues – needing to be fixed.

The sooner our subsistence farmers realise that they should actually be stronger making enough money (on their own!) to afford their own cropping needs season-after-season (as they used to!) the better for them and for the country.

Any form of “empowerment” that leaves you (year-in-year-out) looking for donated cropping needs (which you are really supposed to buy for yourselves!) can NOT be considered to be empowerment.

In fact, it is actually a CAPTURE programme – one that keeps you begging year-in-year out to the givers of the inputs.

The money which you farmers are getting from Government is money which should fix our hospitals and clinics, our roads, our schools and to pay our civil servants livable salary levels.

Any farmer who is under-performing is killing our government services.

In the late Perrance Shiri and in his successor Anxious Masuka we have been lucky to have had two shrewd, pragmatic, operators as Lands and Agriculture Ministers but it all means nothing if they are going to be merely champions of DONATION AGRICULTURE. – Zimbabwe Voice 🔺

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