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Twitter in a spin after Zuma accepts Malema’s request for tea

By Mutsa Makuvaza

FORMER South African President Jacob Zuma has invited firebrand opposition EFF leader Julius Malema over to the Nkandla homestead for a cup of tea.

In fact, Malema made the request for tea with the under fire Zuma, who took no time to accept the request saying he had plenty of tea and also lots of time to welcome Malema at his homestead.

“President Jacob Zuma, can we have tea urgently,” Malema asked via Twitter today afternoon.

“Thobela Moshabi. I have seen your request to share a cup of tea,” Zuma responded. “As you know, Nkandla village is home for me and that is where my time is spent these days. Tea I have plenty of, you are more than welcome to come over for a cup.”

Malema warned up to the response, adding that the tea will most definitely be over the weekend.

“Thank you Baba, I will make a plan to arrive, possibly this weekend. I will take it further with your young man @mzwandileMasina for final details.

“Thank you for accepting my request promptly. It is in the best interest of our country. 🙏🏿”

Social media immediately went into a spin, with South Africans reminiscing on Malema’s utterances in 2008 that he was prepared to kill for Zuma. Below are some reactions by South Africans to the planned tea meeting:

Malema, who was then ANC Youth League (ANCYL) President, vowed that the youth of South Africa would die in supporting Zuma who was under investigation by the now disbanded Scorpions for a string of corruption charges.

“We are prepared to die for Zuma,” Malema told a Free State rally in June 2008. “We are prepared to take up arms and kill for Zuma.”

Twelve years later, Malema now leads his party and Zuma has gone on to become President for two terms, but he still faces State capture charges at the Zondo Commission, which he is evading. – Zimbabwe Voice 🔺

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