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Ngarivhume says he will now slow down on Govt criticism

By Nompumelelo Sibanda

OPPOSITION activist Jacob Ngarivhume won’t criticize President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration, at least for now.

The Transform Zimbabwe leader says he has been warned by a “good friend” within the labyrinth of Mnangagwa’s State security forces that he could soon be thrown back into jail if he continues with his hardline criticism of the Zanu-PF led Government.

Ngarivhume, who spent over 40 days in remand prison following his arrest for subversion in July for fanning the foiled #July30 protests, says he will listen to the friendly advice as he fears another arrest.

“Tonight (Friday evening) I received a caution from a good friend to tone down my criticism of the regime before they arrest me. I reflected on his words and appreciated them,” said Ngarivhume early this Saturday.

Ngarivhume admits whoever wants to arrest him has successfully intimidated him, and will “chill down” a bit on his criticism.

“But this exactly what these people want. They are the police, they are the army, they are the judiciary. They cannot be touched no matter what they do. No matter how many lives they destroy or how much they paralyze our nation,” he added.

His capitulation comes as journalist Hopewell Chin’ono, who shared a jail cell with Ngarivhume in July to August last year, came out of jail for the third time this week since the July incident.

Unlike Ngarivhume who says he has been effectively silenced, Chin’ono says he is emboldened by the arrests and has been toughened to even speak more against corruption.

However, Government spokesperson Nick Mangwana shot back at Chin’ono, saying the journalist-cum-activist speaks “nonsense”.

Mangwana said no-one will be arrested for speaking out against corruption in Zimbabwe, adding that all newspapers virtually speak about the vice every day and no-one gets arrested.

“He knows he is breaking the law, not speaking out against corruption. Chin’ono is talking nonsense when he says police arrest him for demanding an end to corruption.

“Government equally wants corruption to end, that’s why we have the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC),” says Mangwana. – Zimbabwe Voice 🔺

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