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Five motorists fined for pirating in violation of COVID-19 regulations

FIVE taxi operators and a bar operator in Bindura have been convicted for defying lockdown regulations.

The five taxi operators, Heath Yuba, Tinza Phillip Bhobho, Robin Tetani, Augustine Chabwinja and Wellington Musvairi were fined ten thousand Zimbabwe dollars each by Bindura Provincial Magistrate, Tinashe Ndokera for pirating in violation of COVID-19 lockdown regulations.

They pleaded guilty to the charge.

In a  related case, a bar operator, Denford Kurima aged 50 from  Bindura has been fined 20 000 Zimbabwe dollars and could face a 3-month jail term if he fails to pay the fine, after being found guilty of illegally selling alcohol.

Kurima was arrested for selling alcohol in a bar through the window to evade detection.

He pleaded guilty to the charge.

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