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Zimbabwean dies in Namibian accident after murdering his wife and kid

IN WHAT seems to be a case of poetic justice, a 50-year-old Zimbabwean man died in a car accident in Namibia shortly after he allegedly murdered his girlfriend and child so that he could be with his other girlfriend.

The Namibian Sun reports that local police have linked a Zimbabwean man who died in a head-on collision on Tuesday to the murder of a woman and her child – whose bodies were found a few kilometres down the same road.

The 50-year-old deceased, identified as Bright Ndera, is suspected to have been fleeing after murdering 32-year-old Clodin Mutsvairo and seven-month-old Mercy Hope Ndera when the crash claimed his life.

Also a Zimbabwean national, Mutsvairo’s body was discovered at 08:00 with her daughter’s some 3 km from Otjiwarongo along the B1 road towards Okahandja; the same road where the accident took place.

Bright Ndera and girlfriend Clodin Mutsvairo with their daughter Mercy Hope Ndera in happier times (Image Credit: Namibia Sun)

Police have confirmed that Ndera and Mutsvairo were in a relationship and that he was the father of the murdered child.

Bodies discovered twice

According to sources, Mutsvairo and her daughter’s bodies were discovered by a member of the public who had been foraging for mushrooms in the area but did not have access to a cellphone to alert the police.

A while later, the owner of a nearby farm – who at the time was searching for lost cattle – saw what looked like someone lying down. After further investigation, he discovered the bodies in a pool of blood and alerted the police.

Mutsvairo’s body showed a visible wound to the head, while baby Mercy is suspected to have been hit in the head as well, a police report read.

The police in Namibia on Tuesday discovered the bodies of a 32-year-old Zimbabwean woman Clodin Mutsvairo and her seven-month-old baby Mercy Hope Ndera. (Image Credit: Namibia Sun)

Preliminary police investigations suspect that Ndera was in a haste to flee with his 40-year-old girlfriend after murdering the mother and child, but was involved in an accident which claimed his life.

It could not be confirmed whether the girlfriend was aware of the suspected murder, but according to the police, the two were both in relationships with Ndera and knew about each other.

The 40-year-old woman is currently recovering in hospital. Police investigations continue.

‘Soft guy’

Meanwhile, it has come to light that Ndera has been in Namibia for quite a while. According to his brother, he might have moved to the country in 2012.

He was unemployed and sold brooms and mops to make ends meet.

“He was a soft guy, but his behaviour was not good. He used to fight with ladies,” his brother shared.

He further confirmed that Ndera only had one child, baby Mercy, and that he was in a romantic relationship with the child’s mother.

Sources also revealed that the couple had several issues, which sometimes had to be resolved by police.

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