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Jonathan Moyo explodes as “CIO spy” exposes his political party project

By Mutsa Makuvaza

FORMER Cabinet Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo went into a frenzied attack against a suspected State intelligence operative who laid bare the former Zanu-PF chief propagandist’s political party project.

Prof. Moyo, who was fired and readmitted into Zanu-PF a record number of times, was exposed by one Tafara Shumba, a suspected CIO spy who Moyo previously recruited to work on his political project after Robert Mugabe had pushed him from the ruling party.

Moyo was among half a dozen Zanu-PF provincial chairpersons who in 2004 tried to catapult then Cabinet Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa to the Presidium ahead of Mugabe’s preferred candidate, Joice Mujuru. This was after Simon Muzenda, Mugabe’s long-time deputy, had died in 2003 and was to be replaced.

After Moyo and other then Zanu-PF bigwigs who included Daniel Shumba were muscled out and reprimanded by Mugabe for their ambitious project, Moyo engaged Tafara Shumba and others within the CIO to help him form a party, it has emerged.

The details, which however are not entirely a new revelation, came out after Moyo accused Tafara of using his CIO muscle to publish details of Moyo’s minor child who State security agents had detained at Robert Mugabe International Airport in 2018.

“Don’t pretend I know you,” Prof Moyo said of Tafara yesterday on Twitter. “This CIO ghost account illegally published my young daughter’s personal details MINUTES after she was interrogated by CIO officers on those details; on her arrival at RGM Airport in Harare. We’re not fools. We took note and alerted appropriate United Nations offices!”

Tafara would not take it lying down and stood toe to toe with the former Zanu-PF Politburo member.

“Professor Jonathan Moyo, don’t pretend not to know me. If you are a proverbial axe that forgets what the tree remembers, let me give you a hint. When you were fired from Zanu-PF, you tried to launch a political party that you named United People’s Movement (2005).

“l am the Tafara Shumba, one of the 3 people that you assigned to edit your party manifesto. You didn’t pay us a cent. That party never saw the light of the day but we went on to do ground work for your election campaign as an Independent candidate in Tsholotscho.

“How do you pretend not to know me when l am the one who was in charge of printing the campaign T-shirts. You directed me to use one Gondo for the printing. Ask him, l hope you still remember him. Again, we didn’t a cent for this work. We only got promises which were never fulfilled.”

Shumba said one of the three editors of high sounding manifesto was a colleague named Edison Chasi.

“You were very close to him, l don’t think you have forgotten him,” Shumba challenged Prof Moyo. “Ask him about me if you have genuinely forgotten about me. He will also tell you that Tafara Shumba was the person who collected gate fees whenever Pax Afro had a show in Bulawayo and other centers in the Matebeleland and Midlands.”

Prof Moyo said the party was Mnangagwa’s project, even though Mnangagwa has not been suspended in Zanu-PF or Government and had only been appointed to a Rural Housing and Social Amenities Ministry by Mugabe.

“CIO getting desperate with utter nonsense. Let others ask July Moyo, Mabel Chinomona, Pearson Mbalekwa who know that UPM was Emmerson Mnangagwa’s party formed at Mbalekwa’s farm in Kwekwe WELL AFTER THE 2005 elections. I’m happy to expose Emmerson Mnangagwa on this!” said Professor Moyo.

Others wondered by Professor Moyo had never mentioned that in his longdrawn fight against Mnangagwa where he has mentioned virtually everything there was to say.

When Professor Moyo professed ignorance over the matter, Shumba dug deeper into his archives.

“Let me remind you of a meeting we had that stretched from 8pm to 3am discussing about your manifesto. We argued over a statement ‘an historic moment.’

“We had cancelled ‘an’ and replaced it with ‘a’. You lectured us on this phrase and l thank for that because l have also taught a number on same. What l didn’t like about you is that you only wanted to use us without paying us. Even when you rejoined Zanu-PF, you never remembered us.

“Until one of us went to SA. You once said you hated ED for not defending you during the attempted Tsholotsho coup. And you celebrate the death of SB Moyo because you feel he was responsible for your present fate. I feel the same about you. This is not a CIO account and you know that,” Shumba said.

Last week, Moyo was exposed by a former modelling trainer who alleged he raped her. Moyo claimed he never was with the woman in privacy “for longer than a second”.

As with the rape accusations, Prof Moyo dismissed Shumba as a CIO spy and insisted he never met him. He threatened to expose more about Shumba, then abruptly bowed out of the debate as Shumba exposed more details.

“This ghost account is obviously not run by one individual. It’s a CIO account and those who know, know what that means. One day you will get a shock of your life. Watch the space!” Prof Moyo said before opting out. – Zimbabwe Voice 🔺

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