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Man inserts finger into wife’s privates to check for cheating

A BULAWAYO woman caused a rumpus in court when she revealed that her cheating husband, who no longer sleeps with her, was in the habit of inserting his fingers into her privates to check if she was indulging in sex with other men.

The heart-broken woman, Memory Ndlovu, claimed that the alleged sexual abuse by her husband, Mehluli Mpofu, was punishment against her for refusing to go to their rural home.

Ndlovu from Sauerstown, bared her husband’s abusive behaviour at the Bulawayo Civil Court, where she was seeking a legal recourse against him saying he was emotionally, psychologically and sexually abusing her.

She also stated that her husband wanted to kill her so that he can sell their matrimonial home and squander the proceeds with his girlfriend only identified as Nancy.

“I am the applicant in this matter and the respondent Mehluli Mpofu is my husband. He has gone violent and is threatening to kill me so that he can sell the house. He took all the property to our rural home.He has a girlfriend called Nancy and is no longer regarding me as his wife.

He is refusing to sleep with me. He is always inserting his fingers into my privates to check if I’m sleeping with other men. I want the court to protect me against his verbal, physical and sexual abuse,” pleaded Ndlovu.

In response Mpofu had no kind words for his wife whom he labelled a “serial” liar.

“Your Worship this woman is a liar. The problem is that she does not want to go to our rural home. I never threatened her with death or threaten to sell our matrimonial house.

What happened is that she saw a message which I had received from a friend whom I had asked for help on what I should do to force her to go to the rural area.

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The friend then just jokingly advised me that what about if I sell the house,” said Mpofu.

Presiding magistrate Nomasiko Ndlovu referred the couple for counselling. – BMetro 🔺

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