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Auxillia Mnangagwa calls for unity, prayer and fasting to end COVID-19

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  • "The pandemic is amongst us and is taking a heavy toll on us irrespective of position, political affiliation, status in society, race, tribe, sex or age. I thus call upon all to rise above things that divide us and unite to conquer..."

FIRST Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa has expressed gratitude to Zimbabweans for heeding her call to pray and past for the nation so as to seek God’s mercy in ending the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The pandemic was first identified in December 2019 in Wuhan China, was declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern in January 2020, and a pandemic in March 2020.

It was confirmed to have reached Zimbabwe in January the same year and to date it has claimed more the nine hundred lives in the country.

In that regard The First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa called for women to partake in three days of fasting and prayer from the 21st of this month in order to invoke God’s mercy on the pandemic that has ravaged the world.

The initiative which ends this Saturday has seen the First lady appreciating the collective effort shown by Zimbabweans towards the call.

“I want to thank women, all Zimbabweans and friends that took time to pray and fast for the nation, supported by those that wanted to pray and those that spread the message encouraging us to collectively seek relief.

“To that end, I want to thank all the church leaders, leaders at various levels especially our traditional leaders, members of the media, mothers and fathers as well as our children that heeded the call to reduce ourselves before the Lord. I keep praying that our word does not go in vain but will be accorded a hearing by the Lord, the Almighty.

“The nation is in pain and we request to be graced with strength and collective wisdom to go through the hard times,” she said.

The First Lady also called for unity of purpose in fighting the pandemic.

“The pandemic is amongst us and is taking a heavy toll on us irrespective of position, political affiliation, status in society, race, tribe, sex or age. I thus call upon all to rise above things that divide us and unite to conquer.

“Calamities come but when united we mitigate suffering because the strength of unity so generated will help us through the difficulties we face,” noted the First Lady.

Turning to the issue of COVID-19 precautionary measures, she highlighted the need to rally behind government by adhering to the set guidelines.

“Allow me thus to reiterate that the solution to win against the pandemic is to unite behind the measures that have been set by Government.

“Let us stay at home, let us mask up properly, let us practice utmost hygiene and observe social and physical distancing, meanwhile testing and isolating when positive, those that get sick being accorded community support and according our dead the dignity possible under the circumstances,” she said.

The First Lady also reiterated on discipline especially among the youths whom she acknowledged as breadwinners in most households.

“I want to deliver a special message to our youth. It is common knowledge that you carry the greatest energy to hustle and fend for the families. But you have seen your brother, your sister, your parent and grandparent, family friend succumbing to the deadly coronavirus.

“We can only reduce infection by being disciplined and heeding the call to stay at home as much as we should compel ourselves to practice the other measures that keep us safe with utmost determination,” she highlighted.

Inasmuch as the First Lady’s call for fasting ends this Saturday, she called for Zimbabweans to continue praying even beyond this time .

“Although the three-day fasting and praying period has come and is going, let us continue praying and doing the needful. I urge you all to be disciplined, strong and vigilant with a determination to win over the pandemic pinning our hopes on national unity and acting in common purpose,” she said. 🔺

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