Acie Lumumba says local varsities produce useless graduates

CONTROVERSIAL social media personality and businessman Acie Lumumba says the majority of local universities are churning out useless graduates who are not fit for purpose.

The businessman, whose full name is William Gerald Lumumba Mutumanje, said he has hired over 100 local graduates for different positions in his companies whose performances left a lot to be desired.

Lumumba further asserted that the best local graduates come from the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) while those from the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) need retraining.

He mocked graduates from the Midlands State University (MSU) saying that it seems as if they are taught to smoke Shisha pipes and bedroom matters.

“After hiring 100+ graduates across multiple positions I can authoritatively say Zimbabwe produces useless graduates.

“Useless not as an attack, but as a concern, there is close to nothing you can use them for. NUST has the best crop, UZ you have to retrain, MSU mbodza dzega dzega!” he said Saturday on Twitter.

“MSU kunongodzidziswa chifodya cheshisha chiya ne zvemumagumbeze chete kuya. Dai yaitaura mibhedha iye Man gesturing ok. Lol”

While some of Lumumba’s followers on Twitter concurred with his sentiments, others disagreed and questioned his own academic credentials and the criteria he uses when recruiting, with others going as far as accusing him of running backyard businesses. 🔺

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