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Teachers arrested for beating up pupils who engaged in sex orgies

THE Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe ARTUZ says that Chemhanza High School teachers who brutally thrashed students who had engaged in sex orgies and taking drugs last week have been arrested by police.

ARTUZ further says the teachers appeared before the court today.

Last week photos of badly beaten students torched a storm on social media as some Zimbabweans felt the beating was too much.

ATRUZ on Twitter urged teachers to desist from corporal punishment and urged the government to allow schools to suspend leaners if they are found on the other side of the school rules:

The teachers at Chemhanza who were arrested for assaulting learners appear in Marondera court today. We condemn all forms of violence.

The case exposes the tragedy faced by teachers. Teachers are expected to maintain order in schools, but they dont receive much support from parents & gvt.

The female learners opened hostels for their male counterparts and engaged in s_ex orgies while taking drugs. Police officers were invited to deal with issue of drugs. The learners were then suspended from school for the unacceptable conduct. Trs were trying to save the school.

The DSI ordered that the learners be re-admmitted in school. Parents called the school urging teachers to discipline the learners. Learners turned wild during the months of prolonged schools closure. We urged gvt to institute a counselling regime for learners. As usual to no avail.

We urge teachers to desist from using corporal punishment. Schools should be given lattitude to suspend learners to save the learning culture in schools.

Gvt should institute a counselling regime for learners who have been affected by long lay off from school.

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