Crocodile crawls into Chiredzi Hospital wards

PATIENTS at Chiredzi General Hospital were yesterday shocked when they woke up to find a two-metre long crocodile in a corridor in the male ward in the early hours of the morning.

The predator has since been removed by officials from the Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, but its presence at the hospital sent tongues wagging as people wondered how it found its way into the male wards.

On several occasions, crocodiles have been reported to National Parks after invading Tshovani suburb in the town.

Patients suspected that the heavy rains that pounded the town could have resulted in the crocodile straying into the hospital.

However, other patients suspected that one of the male patients at the ward uses juju (black magic).

On Sunday evening Tshovani ward four councillor, Liberty Macharaga sent out pictures of another crocodile which was spotted in his area to different WhatsApp groups, warning residents to be cautious.

“A crocodile has been spotted at a bridge near Tshovani Primary School. We urge residents to exercise caution until we are able to contact the National Parks and Wildlife to remove the reptile,” Macharaga said.

Acting Chiredzi District Hospital medical superintendent Dr David Tarumbwa confirmed the incident.

“It was seen within the hospital area around 4am, but it did not attack anyone. The situation was managed very well and the crocodile was taken by ZimParks and deposited into Chiredzi River,” said Dr Tarumbwa.

Chiredzi District Administrator and Civil Protection Unit chair Mr Lovemore Chisema said the “rare visitor was taken away without incident”.

“The good thing is that authorities at the hospital managed to make sure the crocodile remained at the same place until it was removed by guys from Parks who took it to Chiredzi River about 16km from the hospital,” he said.

“Heavy rains have been falling here for days and these animals (crocodiles) can also get confused sometimes so maybe it just strayed from a canal because of rising water levels. I don’t think there is more to it.”

He said besides the crocodile, there had also been numerous reports of hippos being spotted in farming areas.

Recently a huge crocodile caused a stir in Shurugwi after being spotted in a villager’s hut. 🔺

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