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Jonathan Moyo responds to rape accusations

FORMER Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has hit back at The Herald for a story published by the paper on 18 January 2021 alleging that he is facing rape accusations.

Writing on Twitter this Monday, Moyo, who has been living in Kenya since he escaped the country during the 2017 military coup, described the allegations as scandalously false. 

Dear Hatred Zenenga Editor, @HeraldZimbabwe

Hatred, I refer to your scurrilously defamatory story in the @HeraldZimbabwe today (18 January 2021) in which you allege that I face rape accusations. I take your scandalously false allegations seriously!

Your story alleges that Mrs Sipho Mazibuko claims in a Facebook post that I “RAPED” her 11 years ago. Her attached Facebook post that I’ve seen alleges that I “SEXUALLY ABUSED” her, which I categorically & emphatically deny. You’ve elevated her “sexual abuse” claims to RAPE!

… I empathise with Sipho Mazibuko’s situation. It’s outrageous for you Hatred & your handlers to exploit it this way.

For the record, I never spent a second of my life with Sipho Mazibuko alone. Specifically, I was not a minister 11 years ago & I never saw nor spoke to her then!

According to the story published by The Herald, Sipho Mazibuko, a modelling instructor, alleged in a Facebook post on Friday that Moyo raped her 11 years ago when she was pregnant.

Mazibuko wrote that she made a police report at the time at Bulawayo Central Police Station, but no action was taken except to have her admitted to hospital for psychiatric care.

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