Former cop commits suicide near Govt facility

AN ex police officer was found hanging on Thursday on a tree branch near a local golf course, giving residents a scare.

According to reports, the former officer identified as Kache was recently relieved of his duties on medical grounds at ZRP Tomlinson.

Kache’s remains were still hanging from a pine tree by yesterday noon.

“It’s sad he ended his own life like this; he was going through a lot as a young officer.

“He was relieved of his duties on medical grounds and his wife and three children had also left him.

“He vacated the camp three days ago and his belongings were taken to Kuwadzana but he sneaked back into the same government house during the night.

“He needed help but it’s unfortunate no one attended to him as people regarded him as a mad man,” said the deceased’s neighbour.

A police officer who worked closely with Kache said his mate needed rehabilitation.

“This could have been avoided if only the authorities directed Kache to rehab; his signs were ignored.

“I hope this is a lesson for the future,” said the police officer. 🔺

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