COVID-19 patient Kuda Musasiwa taken off ventilator

PROMINENT e-commerce entrepreneur Kudakwashe Musasiwa, who is afflicted with a COVID-19 infection, is now recovering remarkably, according to an update issued by his father Sunday evening.

Reverend Dr Roy Musasiwa said Kuda had been off a ventilator for half a day by Sunday afternoon and was showing signs of great recovery.

Below is his full statement:

Greetings family and friends. This is the most joyful update on Kuda’s health so far. For the past 12 hours, he has been off the ventilator (and on oxygen concentrator) and is still maintaining good saturation of 94+!

Not only that; the hospital put him on video and he was able to speak to his wife Nomaliso – still a bit drowsy of course but fully conscious. He is now feeding by mouth rather than by tube.

He will continue to be monitored in the ICU for 24 hours and if there is no negative development he will be moved to HDU.

On this basis, we can now say that Kuda has graduated from the “critically ill” category and is on a recovery path. We are overjoyed.

This is the Lord’s doing, and the Lord has used his angels (including you) to travel this journey with Kuda and the family.

Meanwhile, Mai Musasiwa and I have just returned from having our COVID-19 PCR test done and the results are expected tomorrow morning and so will be part of tomorrow’s update.

To all those who have prayed, given or shared words of encouragement we can’t thank you enough. It has not been in vain.

Stay safe and stay blessed. 🔺

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